August 15, 2011

Unique Bachelorette Gifts

My new cousin-in-law asked me a couple of weeks ago for some bachelorette gifts ideas that weren't the same-ole thing you see at every shower.  Having just been a bachelorette myself AND a maid of honor,  I felt pretty confident in answering this question.  So, I decided to put all of my suggestions into this blog entry.  Who doesn't love a fun gift guide?!  You could probably take most of these ideas and adjust for all different occasions too!

#1 The first idea I can take no credit for - a few years ago, my friend Pam got our other friend Meagan an embroidered velour track suit with her new last name on it - "Mrs. Hamblen."  We all thought it was a genius idea, so when Pam got married this last April - of course, Meagan got her one.  I think it's such a great gift - especially if the couple is taking their honeymoon right after the wedding because it makes for the perfect plane outfit!  Plus, you can personalize the colors to something you know your friend would love.

#2  There are tons of cute things over at Kate Spade's Wedding Belles site.  My favorites are these little necklaces that a bride could wear for showers, the honeymoon, and even after they are married.  I, personally, feel like someone would get more wear out of the "mrs." necklace, but the "i do" one is pretty damn cute too!  Mrs. Spade also has similar style necklaces that are not wedding-related for all of your gift giving needs :). And at $78 each, they sure don't break the bank.

#3  The next idea is a gift I wanted to buy my best friend Pam for her bachelorette party, but she beat me to it! Dagnabit!  And she also got me one too!  So, what was this fabulous idea we both had for each other?  A personalized hanger for your bachelorette's wedding dress.  Here's a photo of Pam's...

#4  One thing I was actually able to get Pam for her bachelorette weekend in NOLA was this adorable little bag with the saying "For Like Ever" on it.  It also comes in poster form, which is totally amazing as well.  She was able to use the bag on her wedding day to carry all her stuff around in too!

Let me know if you have any fun gift ideas you've used in the past.  There are plenty of more weddings (and bachelorette parties) in my future!

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  1. I had no idea that preparing a bridal shower would take up a lot of time but it was worth all the planning! Each and every one of us got a personalized scavenger hunt t-shirt and the bride had to cross off topics off our shirts through the night… we punished her with lots of drinks and everybody had plenty of fun. We Ended up finding some great 'Bridezilla' party ideas over at this website...