August 19, 2011

Missoni for Target.

I've seen bits and pieces about this line - coming to Target stores on September 13th - for a while now.  But I finally found a site that shows all the items in one place! Woooohoooo! 

Surprisingly (or maybe not),  I want the accessories more than any of the clothing items.  Here's my current wishlist....

Cute dress for Fall/Winter

Love these scarf patterns - how cute with a white top and trench coat?!

Adorable laptop sleeve to go with the new Macbook that I desperately need

I need new luggage too.  This would be so easy to spot on a baggage carousel!

If I had a bike this cute, I might actually learn how to ride it ;). THERE, you know my secret.


Adorbs again!

I'll see y'all at Target in September.... have a great weekend, loverbeans.

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