April 29, 2013

Music Mondays | Steve Martin + Edie Brickell

This weekend, I went to a lovely going away shindig for my friend Amanda who is making the big jump from KC to Portland.  I will miss her tons, but can't wait to visit!!

During the festivities, we had a fun little discussion about new music.  Y'all, I had NO idea Steve Martin just put out an album in collaboration with Edie Brickell!  You know... Edie Brickell of "What I Am" fame?? Here's a nice clip of her on Letterman in 1988 to refresh your memory:

Well, this new album entitled Love Has Come For You has Steve Martin showing off his banjo skills with Edie killing it on the vocals.  It's such a great little bluegrass treat from two great talents. And now, in an effort to bring this story full circle, here's a recent Letterman performance of "When You Get To Asheville" of the new album:

April 25, 2013

Marfa, TX | Camp Bosworth

So, you may have heard of Marfa, TX because of this little gem...


Yep, it's the little town with the Prada store art installation (the store is actually never open). In addition to this quirky foray into Land Art, the town of Marfa, TX has become quite the artist enclave. You can watch a recent 60 Minutes piece on the town here.

One of the art galleries featured in the 60 Minutes vignette was the artwork of Camp Bosworth - I was told to watch out for them, since he used to be roommates with my cousin back in his Dallas days. Well, excuse my language - but his shit is dyn-o-mite!  Check out these gun carvings that double as bars...


I also found his online shop of great little art pieces here. There are a few I might be able to afford!  Here are some of my faves:
Patron Tequila

Lone Star
Adding Marfa, TX to the travel list pronto!

April 12, 2013

Ship my pants!

Clever little ad on this Friday afternoon...