May 27, 2011

Coming in June...

Benefit has announced that it will be coming out with a mango tinted version of one of my favorite products - Benetint.  This one will be called Chachatint, and it looks perfect for summer!  If you haven't heard me rave about this product before... I love it because you can use it on cheeks AND lips. It is also so long-lasting, especially on dewy summer skin!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

May 26, 2011

Currently listening to...

Bon Iver's new one, just like everyone else and their mothers.  Annnnnd I kind of love that this album was accidentally leaked by iTunes.

So. Good.

May 12, 2011

More Augusts!

Today, the lovely Caroline Fontenot posted an amazing blog of photos from Pam & Jason's wedding.  I've been stalking her blog for a few weeks now just waiting for this post!

I wanted to share a few of my favorites here...but make sure you head on over the full blog post to check out all the hilarious dancing photos, as well.

Isn't this such a cute idea for a photo?! Love it!

Funny story here: I was going to get a hanger like this one for Pam, but she had already gotten one for herself and me, as well.  Besties really do think alike :).

Jackie's amazing shoes to honor our favorite rocket scientists!!

I think these photos from Pam & Jason's "First Look" are my favorite.  They really capture the love and emotion these two have for one another :).

This one is kind of funny b/c you can see me holding down Pam's veil with my foot... don't worry, she asked me too.

Wedding Par-tay.

Isn't the decor loverly?  I love the look of this long head table.
 Oh, and if you haven't seen Pam's bridal portraits or the couple's engagement sesh, add it to the list of generally awesome things to look at.

May 11, 2011

I miss H&M.

One thing about NYC that I'm definitely missing right now is H&M.  And WHY, God why, do they not allow you to order online?!?  Here are a few shots from their Fall 2011 Lookbook that I'm just loving.  Perhaps, I need to make a weekend field trip to St. Louis...

Also, don't you just love the dark lipstick? I bet Chanel's Rouge Noir would do the trick!

May 09, 2011

NYC on a Wednesday night...

This little event was kind of a ritual when I lived in NYC.  So, if you are living in NYC or visiting on a Wednesday, you need to experience the bluegrass jam at the Grisly Pear.  Basically, every Wednesday night around 9:30, you can grab a drink at this little bar in the village and listen to an acoustic jam of anywhere from 15 - 30 bluegrass musicians.  They play all the bluegrass standards - some you probably know and some you don't.

Being from Texas, these Wednesday nights would transport me to some back room in Gruene, TX where I was sure the lightning bugs were twinkling outside along the river. Here's a little article the New York Times published in February on jam seshies in NYC, with a notable mention of the "Sherriff of Good Times."

I promise this will be one of your most memorable NYC experiences!  Oh, and it's totally free, btw.  Plus, once your done taking in all of the bluegrass, you can jump across the street to the Old Rabbit Club for a lovely import brew or wine.

May 05, 2011

War dogs.

This is not normal content for my blog, but I found this remarkable photo essay on war dogs to be a unique take on war in the Middle East.  Also, my puppy is a Belgian Malinois mix - which is one of the breeds often used for this type of training.  It's so interesting to me that he could be capable of jumping out of plane and into water like in the dog in the photo below...

A few of the photos in the essay exhibit the incredible loyalty and protection shown by our furry friends (or furry children to people like me) in these types of circumstances.  I found it very interesting (however, not surprising) to hear that a dog played a big role in finally finding Osama Bin Laden this past weekend.  War dogs have proven to have higher success rates when it comes to sniffing out bombs, more so than any technology that's been engineered for such things.  Say what you will about the war, but I am definitely proud of these war dogs and their amazing abilities.  I'm also very happy to hear about all the protection they are provided in the field, like this puppy...

Hopefully, our soldiers AND our war dogs will make it home again very soon.

May 02, 2011

Monday Matchsticks!

I adore these little matchstick drop earrings from St. Kilda!

They are made out of brass and enamel, and they come with 8 different color "match" tips!  So cute and unique for everyday wear.  Happy Monday, everyone!