May 12, 2011

More Augusts!

Today, the lovely Caroline Fontenot posted an amazing blog of photos from Pam & Jason's wedding.  I've been stalking her blog for a few weeks now just waiting for this post!

I wanted to share a few of my favorites here...but make sure you head on over the full blog post to check out all the hilarious dancing photos, as well.

Isn't this such a cute idea for a photo?! Love it!

Funny story here: I was going to get a hanger like this one for Pam, but she had already gotten one for herself and me, as well.  Besties really do think alike :).

Jackie's amazing shoes to honor our favorite rocket scientists!!

I think these photos from Pam & Jason's "First Look" are my favorite.  They really capture the love and emotion these two have for one another :).

This one is kind of funny b/c you can see me holding down Pam's veil with my foot... don't worry, she asked me too.

Wedding Par-tay.

Isn't the decor loverly?  I love the look of this long head table.
 Oh, and if you haven't seen Pam's bridal portraits or the couple's engagement sesh, add it to the list of generally awesome things to look at.

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