March 14, 2012

Math Nerds Unite!

It's March 14th... which means it's 3/14...which means it's Pi Day.  The annual celebration of the mathematical phenomenon that is Pi.  Apparently, you are supposed to eat pie to celebrate!  Makes perfect sense.  So, I give you the below meme that circulated the internets a few weeks back. 

Happy Pi Day, everyone!  Thanks to ANE News for the reminder :).

March 08, 2012


I discovered a great new online shopping source I wanted to share called Threadsence!  I purchased the below pieces yesterday - I'll let everyone know how the quality turns out. But there appear to be some great designs at very reasonable prices.

Oh, and for a limited time, the site is offering free shipping for orders over $100 (don't worry, their other shipping fees are rather low if you don't want to spend that much).

Cutout Triangle Necklace, $19

Be Amazed Blazer, $36

Meet Cute Mint Dress, $48