March 29, 2010

Your kiss is on my list.

Listening to The Bird and The Bee's album of Hall and Oates covers on repeat today.  SO GOOD.  Get it at Amazon here.

Here's the track listing:
1. Heard It On The Radio
2. I Can't Go For That
3. Rich Girl
4. Sara Smile
5. Your Kiss Is On My List
6. Maneater
7. She's Gone
8. Private Eyes
9. One on One

March 28, 2010

Elephants on parade!

Every year, the circus comes to NYC - specifically, Madison Square Garden.  The only issue is that the trucks carrying the elephants can't make it onto Manhattan.  So, they have to truck the elephants to Queens, walk them through the Midtown Tunnel, and then all the way down 34th Street to the Garden.

This past week, we stayed up well past our bedtime to stand out in the rain and watch the elephants strut their stuff down iconic 34th street.  It was incredibly surreal to see these enormous animals in the middle of Manhattan.  Enjoy a few pictures  below!

March 24, 2010

Pseudo-impulse purchase...

I've been wanting this ring for FOREVER!  I first knew about the design because I met Jules Kim (of Bijules) at a networking event here in NYC.  Ever since, I've been pining for such an accessory.  So, when I saw that there was a Bijules sale on Gilt, I went for it!  I just know this ring is going to become a quick favorite!

March 22, 2010


Thanks to lovely NPR, you can listen to MGMT's new album Congratulations in its entirety until it is released on April 13th. I'm still deciding my opinion on it... let me know what you think!

March 21, 2010

Spring has sprung!

I created a new playlist inspired by the gorgeous weather... just in case this new season decides to go and hide itself again until June.  New Yorkers are so happy right now, and I would like to keep them that way.  ENJOY!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

March 19, 2010


A lego island in a Parisian Kitchen....

Absolutely brill.  And it only took 20,000 individual legos to complete!  I like those wall hooks too...

via {dwell}


The title of this post is in all caps because that is how FREAKING EXCITED I am about The Black Keys' upcoming album, Brothers. May 18th can not arrive soon enough.  Check out their new single "Tighten Up" here.

Making a splash.

Lookey what I just bought!

Soooo excited about my new vintage divers helmet necklace!  I hope it arrives soon.... Anybody who knows me also knows that I love a statement necklace.  I can't wait to add this to my arsenal!  Visit Maddy's etsy store for more treasures.

March 18, 2010

Only in NYC.

Yesterday, we were RUDELY awoken by ridiculous honking at the stoplight outside our window starting around 5:30 AM.  There's usually a certain degree of honking, but it's somewhat tolerable.  But this time, the level of honkage escalated throughout the morning and became basically unbearable and completely maddening by the time I left the apartment.  I was ready to start throwing heavy/sharp objects out the window at these disruptive cars that were ruining my morning.  

Come to find out - the stoplight had broken!  But not one of those polite stoplight breakages where the light starts blinking to inform drivers of its brokenness.  Nope, this is a rude Brooklyn stop light that decided to just STAY RED.

Sigh. Only in New York....

March 16, 2010

Anna Beck Designs.

For the last couple years I have been a fan of Anna Beck's jewelry designs.  She has a very distinct aesthetic that effortlessly combines modern, exotic, and classic styles.

Two Christmases ago, my boyfriend got me the above ring.  Then, he told me the story of how he got the ring.  He initially went to the store in Manhattan where I had pointed out the ring - they didn't have my size.  Then, he checked online - my size was, once again, sold out.  So, he called the design studio out in LA and ended up talking to Miss Anna Beck, herself!  She was also sold out of my size and had stopped making that particular design, but she offered to make one more especially for me!

When he told me that story, I couldn't believe it.  It made me realize that A) my boyfriend is a keeper and B) that Anna is not only a great designer, but a sweetheart who went out of her way to please a client.  All of this combined has made me an Anna Beck customer for life!

Here are a couple of her current designs I'm digging....

March 12, 2010

Saddest Dog Ever.

Love this photo of a pug in San Francisco named Newman (isn't that also a great name for a dog?!)... definitely the background on my desktop right now :).

Check out photographer Christopher Michel's website for more sadness/goodnes.

Happy Friday!


Love these vintage mushroom-y housewares on Etsy...

Add a touch of vintage to your home sweet home.

The greatest nation state. Ever.

The countdown has begun.  I am so ready for my trip to the Lonestar State.  I can't wait to show off Texas to my boyfriend and indulge in the some of the following...

1. Nature... love Austin for its beautiful hills and places like Hamilton Pool.

2. Mexican food....queso. pronto.

3. Miss Corrie...I get to be a bridesmaid in her Ft. Worth wedding while we're in Texas. Very excited to celebrate and bless her marriage to Marcus.  We've been friends for 15 years!  Wowzas. 

March 11, 2010

B*tches be crazy.

Love this article by The Daily Beast on the Craziest Cities in the country!  Glad to see Austin and NYC up there, but Cincinnati? Really??  Actually, there are a lot of Ohio cities on this list.  Perhaps I need to visit the Buckeye State....

Here's the top 20:

1. Cincinnati
2. San Francisco
3. Providence
4. Milwaukee
5. Las Vegas
6. Philadelphia
7. New York City
8. Tucson
9. San Antonio
10. New Orleans
11. Oakland
12. Austin
13. Cleveland
14. Louisville
15. Memphis
16. Denver
17. Portland (OR)
18. Pittsburgh
19. Seattle
20. Columbus

Re-discovering F21...

I recently stopped in at Forever 21 for the first time in a long time... and I was surprised to find a few great gems for my closet!  We'll see how long these last, but I'm definitely digging the cuteness and the price right now...

March 10, 2010

Freckled Friends.

Happy Birthday to one of my besties!!!  And naturally, she is a fellow freckle face... we've been there for each other through a lot.  And I'm so excited and blessed to celebrate her birthday this evening at one of our favorite Manhattan restaurants - El Faro!  Authentic Spanish tapas - can. not. wait.  Love you, Red Mon.

Beak of a Rooster.

Known to most of us as Pico de Gallo!  Monday night, I made some yummy pico salsa- and, to be honest, I kind of winged it.  But everything actually turned out great!  Approximate recipe below....

Adi's Beak of a Rooster

3 tomatoes on the vine (chopped)
1/2 large yellow onion (chopped)
1/4 cup freshly chopped cilantro
1 tbsp of garlic salt
2 tbsp of lime juice
Fresh ground salt and black pepper to taste
Optional: for a little kick, at a dash of cayenne pepper

Combine and mix all ingredients and enjoy!  Great appetizer for 2-4 people!

New Pipettes!

Some of my fave quirky Brits are back!  The Pipettes new album is set to come out this summer.  Cheers to all the smiles and sexual innuendo the album will bring! Track listing and new video below...

The Pipettes - Earth vs. the Pipettes

1. Call Me
2. Ain't No Talking
3. Thank You
4. I Need a Little Time
5. History
6. I Always Planned to Stay
7. Stop the Music
8. I Vibe You
9. Our Love Was Saved by Spacemen
10. Finding My Way
11. Captain Rhythm
12. From Today

March 09, 2010


(New) music to your ears. One album is out now.  The other is coming soon (plus one of my besties sings background vocals).

It might surprise you what album I think you need to get now.  It's Peter Gabriel's new album of covers - everything from Paul Simon to Radiohead to Arcade Fire.  See track listing and streaming cover of Bon Iver's "Flume" below.  He wants to be your sledgehammer.

Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back
1. Heroes (David Bowie)
2. The Boy In The Bubble (
Paul Simon)
3. Mirror Ball (Elbow)
4. Flume (Bon Iver)
5. Listening Wind (David Byrne/Talking Heads)
6. The Power Of The Heart (
Lou Reed)
7. My 
Body Is A Cage (Arcade Fire)
8. The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields)
9. I Think It s Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman)
10. Apres Moi (Regina Spektor)
11. Philadelphia (Neil Young)
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Radiohead)

Now, for the album you need to be on the lookout for.  It's from the Suckers. I believe they are calling this emerging genre "chant rock"...whatever that means.  Below is the track listing.  Head over to Pitchfork to hear the song "Save Your Love for Me." Wild Smile is out June 8th!

Suckers - Wild Smile
1. Save Your Love for Me
2. Black Sheep
3. Before Your Birthday Ends
4. You Can Keep Me Runnin' Around
5. A Mind I Knew
6. Roman Candles
7. It Gets Your Body Movin'
8. Martha
9. King of Snakes
10. 2 Eyes 2 C
11. Loose Change

March 08, 2010

What's your sign?

How do I get my hands on a few old street signs?? Hmmmmmm?

Developed by Leger Wanaselja Architecture, the below images are from a house accented with recycled street signs and car parts.  Cheeky and green all at the same time!

via {dwell}


I don't know who in their right mind would leave behind a SIGNED Limited-edition David Copperfield poster.... so, I stole it and put it above my desk!  It kind of creeps me out and makes me smile at the same time.  Ain't he a beaute?

Maybe Davy-poo will lend me some of his powers of illusion....

The Dude Abides.

I tend to think most award nights are just a sh*t show, and the Oscars didn't go much beyond that.  But I will say these are some of the highlights for me - I probably watched more of the red carpet than the actual awards show.

First of all, so happy for "the dude" ...

Now, on to the fashion!


I'm not sure if it's the dress or the woman.  But whatever it is, I just adore her! I do kind of wish the lipstick was more of a red or dark wine color.

Always classy...maybe that's why Sandy dedicated the Oscar to her ;).

Diane Kruger - Ok, so I don't think this dress was very popular with the critics, but I just love the texture! It makes her look so feminine, yet fashion forward.  And the open back - seksi!

This just fits her coloring and her style - a unique twist on a classic shape. Very ethereal.  Yup, that's the word.


These are no-brainers.  I definitely reacted out loud at the TV....

SJP, this is in no way flattering... and the frizzy hair?? What is that?

And this one looks like Madonna's cone bra deflated on top of a dress...also, not my favorite color.

Love LOVE Zoe, but I just do not get this dress.  The idea is intriguing.  But, in my opinion, it's just a little over the top and detracts from her beauty..

She described it on the red carpet as "bubble wrap" and that is exactly what it looks like. No, thank you.

Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?


I could care less about the song, but these guys are doing their best to keep music videos alive!

OK GO - "This Too Shall Pass"

March 05, 2010

A weekend with Tim.

Don't worry, boo.  Just talking about a Tim Burton themed weekend...

Must see Alice in Wonderland this weekend.  MUST.

Also, must see the Tim Burton exhibit.  It's been up for a while, and I need to put my MoMA membership to good use!  Not looking forward to the crowd though...ergh.

March 04, 2010

Mum's the word.

So, if you are close to me, you probably know I am currently obsessed with the band Mumford & Sons.  And hopefully, you soon will be too.  I was able to see the Mumford boys' first headlining show in the US this past month.  They are coming back to NYC in May, and you bet your bottom I'm buying my ticket tomorrow!

March 03, 2010

For the traveler like me...

If you're like me, when you go someplace new, you don't necessarily need to see every monument.  And one or two art museums will satisfy you.  So, when you are looking for that good story and/or photo, here is a great resource for just plain weird and (most of the time) very cool attractions: Atlas Obscura.

 You can use this source to find the hidden gem of a new city or something you've never known about in your own area!  I made my boyfriend drive me around our neighborhood until we found the Broken Angel mansion:

You can also add your own obscure stores, museums, and sights to the atlas. I just love the adventure and mystery of it all!


So, I chose the name "Fanciful Freckles" for this blog because my freckles have always been something that defines me.... and well, I'm also quite fancy.

I view freckles as something that are uniquely beautiful and memorable.  They are a conversation piece (especially with 5 year olds in Harlem that think they are chicken pox).  I want this blog to be about things in life that inspire me - whether it's my freckles, an intriguing art exhibit, a funny card from a friend, my family, a turn-of-the-century barn in the country, a building in NYC, or simply a beautifully crafted song. All of these add up to a joyful life where not even the smallest thing - or the smallest freckle - is taken for granted.

Also, my mom and dad have always told me that my freckles were "angel kisses." I like the idea of that....