March 08, 2010

The Dude Abides.

I tend to think most award nights are just a sh*t show, and the Oscars didn't go much beyond that.  But I will say these are some of the highlights for me - I probably watched more of the red carpet than the actual awards show.

First of all, so happy for "the dude" ...

Now, on to the fashion!


I'm not sure if it's the dress or the woman.  But whatever it is, I just adore her! I do kind of wish the lipstick was more of a red or dark wine color.

Always classy...maybe that's why Sandy dedicated the Oscar to her ;).

Diane Kruger - Ok, so I don't think this dress was very popular with the critics, but I just love the texture! It makes her look so feminine, yet fashion forward.  And the open back - seksi!

This just fits her coloring and her style - a unique twist on a classic shape. Very ethereal.  Yup, that's the word.


These are no-brainers.  I definitely reacted out loud at the TV....

SJP, this is in no way flattering... and the frizzy hair?? What is that?

And this one looks like Madonna's cone bra deflated on top of a dress...also, not my favorite color.

Love LOVE Zoe, but I just do not get this dress.  The idea is intriguing.  But, in my opinion, it's just a little over the top and detracts from her beauty..

She described it on the red carpet as "bubble wrap" and that is exactly what it looks like. No, thank you.

Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?

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