March 03, 2010


So, I chose the name "Fanciful Freckles" for this blog because my freckles have always been something that defines me.... and well, I'm also quite fancy.

I view freckles as something that are uniquely beautiful and memorable.  They are a conversation piece (especially with 5 year olds in Harlem that think they are chicken pox).  I want this blog to be about things in life that inspire me - whether it's my freckles, an intriguing art exhibit, a funny card from a friend, my family, a turn-of-the-century barn in the country, a building in NYC, or simply a beautifully crafted song. All of these add up to a joyful life where not even the smallest thing - or the smallest freckle - is taken for granted.

Also, my mom and dad have always told me that my freckles were "angel kisses." I like the idea of that....


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