May 05, 2011

War dogs.

This is not normal content for my blog, but I found this remarkable photo essay on war dogs to be a unique take on war in the Middle East.  Also, my puppy is a Belgian Malinois mix - which is one of the breeds often used for this type of training.  It's so interesting to me that he could be capable of jumping out of plane and into water like in the dog in the photo below...

A few of the photos in the essay exhibit the incredible loyalty and protection shown by our furry friends (or furry children to people like me) in these types of circumstances.  I found it very interesting (however, not surprising) to hear that a dog played a big role in finally finding Osama Bin Laden this past weekend.  War dogs have proven to have higher success rates when it comes to sniffing out bombs, more so than any technology that's been engineered for such things.  Say what you will about the war, but I am definitely proud of these war dogs and their amazing abilities.  I'm also very happy to hear about all the protection they are provided in the field, like this puppy...

Hopefully, our soldiers AND our war dogs will make it home again very soon.

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