October 14, 2010

Things I know: Cosmetics.

I've decided to start a series about, as the title suggests, things I know.  These are things that I feel highly versed in.  I might not be an expert, but I think there are a few areas where my advice can be somewhat valuable.  And the size of my makeup bag definitely suggests that cosmetics would be a good place to start.  My eyeshadow collections covers the entire spectrum of ROY G BIV and beyond.

First, let's start with cheeks.  Because nothing does wonders for your complexion like a little rouge!  This and mascara are the two things that can quickly make you look more alive than you might feel (hello, happy hour that went until 3 AM, oops!).  The longest lasting product you can buy is Benefit's Benetint - a wonderful cheek and lip tint.  Just brush a stripe or two on each cheek, rub it in along your cheekbone and the apples of your cheeks, and you have the perfect amount of natural looking color.  Not only does the color last all day, this bottle will also last you for. ever.

Ok, on to the eyes.  For mascara - the smaller the brush, the more separation you can get between lashes. Nasty clumps are not the same thing as fullness. Just a small tip ;). So that you don't waste your money, make sure to buy eyeshadows with heavy pigment.  I love MAC makeup for this reason.  Their eyeshadow pots with loose pigment provide the most options.  You can easily use the shadow dry or wet depending on how heavy you want the color.

Lips! One of my new favorites.  I can't commit to the super bright stuff yet, but I've been loving Lipstick Queen. Medieval is my favorite because it contains vitamin E, so it doesn't dry up on your lips while you're wearing it.  Deep red lips are the perfect Autumn accessory, methinks.

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  1. they carry Medieval at this great little boutique Eponymy at 466 Bergen Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn