April 29, 2013

Music Mondays | Steve Martin + Edie Brickell

This weekend, I went to a lovely going away shindig for my friend Amanda who is making the big jump from KC to Portland.  I will miss her tons, but can't wait to visit!!

During the festivities, we had a fun little discussion about new music.  Y'all, I had NO idea Steve Martin just put out an album in collaboration with Edie Brickell!  You know... Edie Brickell of "What I Am" fame?? Here's a nice clip of her on Letterman in 1988 to refresh your memory:

Well, this new album entitled Love Has Come For You has Steve Martin showing off his banjo skills with Edie killing it on the vocals.  It's such a great little bluegrass treat from two great talents. And now, in an effort to bring this story full circle, here's a recent Letterman performance of "When You Get To Asheville" of the new album:

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