August 10, 2011

Ombre Hair Trend

I have an appointment at the end of this month to have my hair color blocked in an ombre effect.  Here's how it usually looks when people do this type of dye job:

But of course, I want to do my ombre hair in RED!  Here are some fun examples...

I don't think i could pull off the red to blonde one, but it looks awesome.  Maybe I'll get the guts to do that next Summer... might be a little to light for Fall, anyways.  I've dyed my hair many colors, but this is something completely new and different.  I'm sure it will only trend a year or two more, so I need to hop to it!


  1. My officemate had this done last fall -- looks AWESOME, even when she has it in a plain old ponytail. Totally wish I could do this with my hair...

  2. Very encouraging to hear. Fingers crossed it works out! I'm sure I'll let you know ;).