August 30, 2011

Jones Street Station

If I've ever told you about music that I love, these guys always make it into my permanent list. I accidentally stumbled upon Jones Street Station when I first moved to NYC (they were called Jones Street Boys back then, if you are interested in a little back catalogue).  They serendipitously played a set after a friend of mine at the Knitting Factory (when it used to be in Tribeca).  They are so energetic and can carry off a sweet harmony or two.  One of the band members even has a harmonica belt!  That's right... a belt full of harmonicas in different keys.  I never knew such a thing even existed! 

Today, this Brooklyn bluegrass band has released their music video for "The Understanding."  In my opinion, they've definitely captured a part of the New York spirit in this video.  It makes me want to move back. Like, now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

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