June 01, 2010

Louise Bourgeois, you will be missed.

Yesterday, the art world lost a true visionary.  Louise Bourgeois passed away in New York at the age of 98 this Memorial Day.  I was fortunate to see a wonderful retrospective of her work at the Guggenheim in 2008.  She created art that expressed the difficulties of her past in a beautiful manner.  I could feel the cathartic process as I worked my way through the exhibit. Here is a photo of one of her iconic spider sculptures. I love these spiders because they so succinctly exhibit her extreme feminist views.

I highly recommend the documentary The Spider, The Mistress, and The Tangerine.  This movie provides a wonderful explanation of Bourgeois' work, the stories behind her pieces, and a glimpse into the personality of the artist. She was quite the little firecracker! And she will be missed.

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