March 01, 2011

Fun inexpensive specs!

I love that there has been a proliferation of companies offering inexpensive, but trendy, glasses!  Eyewear is definitely a primary part of a wardrobe (at least for those of us who can't see well), and I've always wanted more options.  Wouldn't it be fun to change things up, depending on what you're wearing? If nothing else, you can try out "geek chic" without too much commitment. Here are a couple places I'm thinking about ordering from...

Warby Parker

Not only does Warby Parker provide great deals on cuuuuute designs, they also have a philanthropic model similar to TOMS shoes.  For every pair of glasses purchased, another pair is given to someone who needs to see better. What a great excuse to buy some new glasses! Each pair of glasses comes with polycarbonate lenses, anti-glare coating, and anti-scratch.  You can also request to have up to 5 designs sent to you (without lenses yet), so you can see what design really looks best before ordering. Did I mention their glasses are only $95 a pair?!

Classic Specs

Classic Specs provides $89 glasses that also include polycarbonate lenses, anti-glare, anti-scratch, and free shipping both ways!  They design most of their specs in-house in order to keep the costs down.  Such a great way to add to your eyewear arsenal!
Another great thing about these kind of online stores - they have such helpful websites and great customer service.   Even if you wear contacts or have perfect eyesight, I bet you'll want some new glasses now!

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