February 13, 2011

Scouting KC : You Say Tomato

In the past week, Garrett and I have been to You Say Tomato THREE times.  That's right... we've gone to eat here three times in seven days. We visited YST for the first time, last weekend, as the result of a little internet research.  We quickly decided to become regulars after we discovered some delicious food and very welcoming, attentive service.

Now, on to what you really want to know about - what did we EAT?!  We both had the Breakfast Casserole, made with egg custard, sausage and mushrooms.  Oh, and guess what? It's topped with sausage gravy. I'll just let the photo do the talking....

With our casseroles, we ordered a side of Jalapeno Cheese Grits (only served on the weekends, fyi).  And yes, they were as amazing as they sound.  When we went back for breakfast during the week, we had a quiche that was absolutely divine and chock full of vegetables. I have a feeling you can't order a bad dish at this place.  Every item on the menu at this little unassuming cafe is homemade with local farm fresh ingredients.  And the pies!  Did I mention the pies?!  YST also carries a large assortment of homemade pies - we tasted the rhubarb and the peach-apricot.  Delish!  I can't get enough of this local joint....

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