February 25, 2011

Kisses in the Rain.

Well, first of all, I chose some of my favorite rainy kiss photos because I wish it was raining right now.... instead of SNOWING.  Springtime, where are you?!?! 

I've had a few minor breakdowns this week while trying to figure out where I "fit" in this new city, and I've reminded myself to focus on the good things.  It's really hard to find your groove when you move to a new place.  I went through similar ups and downs when I moved to NYC after college.  My friends and family have shown me so much love and support that I can't help but feel better.  Sometimes we get too caught up in what's missing from our lives, whether it's something like having a job, finding a significant other, or even owning a home. But I'm learning not to dwell on the difficulties of life (easier said than done, I know). My mom told me last night that going through these times of immense change will only make me a more compassionate and understanding person, and I think that's a great way to look at it. Nobody's perfect. Sometimes you have to let go and live with reckless abandon. I want love. I want passion. I want kisses in the rain.

So, I hope you have a LOVE-ly weekend!  Try not to worry too much about what the future holds, and I'll do the same ;).

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  1. Adjusting to a new place and living in the present is hard! Keep your chin up. If anyone can keep making a new home work it is you. KC will click soon and, hey, you certainly can't go wrong with that love stuff. Cute photos!