May 12, 2010

Currently reading...

This last weekend, while scouting locations for our engagement photos, we stopped by Powerhouse Books in DUMBO.  They have such a cool, industrial-style space.  It would be great if you ever need to throw an event!

While thumbing through the various books, many focusing on NYC and Brooklyn, I decided to purchase a lovely copy of "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn."  I've been enjoying it so far - I love reading about what the city was once like and how it used to operate. It seems like an intriguing take on urban living that we can relate to our current experiences, even if they are incredibly different eras.


  1. Loved this book when I read it a couple years ago Adi :)

  2. Wrote my undergrad thesis on Selby. Totally depressing but also totally Brooklyn. Give Last Exit to Brooklyn a look.