February 01, 2012

House in Progress

So, last September we moved into our lovely new house.  We absolutely love the house, but there was one minor aesthetic problem - the wallpaper in the master bedroom.  It was toile. Red toile.  I actually really like toile patterns (and we are keeping the black version of this in the master bathroom), but the entire master was a little much. And the red color made the walls look somewhat pinkish.  The husband was NOT a fan.

Because the master bedroom was recently remodeled and the wallpaper was the first layer on brand new sheet rock, we were timid to try and remove the wallpaper.  So, after doing some research and talking with friends and family, we decided to paint over the wallpaper (gasp!).  The main issue with this is you have to do an oil-based primer so the paint will grip on top of the wallpaper.  And believe you me - oil primer is a pain in the booty to work with.  BIG PAIN.  Finally, I enlisted some help in my parents.  They came in town for the week to help me address this wallpaper thing.  Here are a few shots before the final transformation took place:

We chose a dark taupe-y grey to compliment our new Dwell Studio comforter.  We also added some Safavieh Lamps because our current lamps clashed with the new wall color (besides, they were from Ikea anyways).Here's the after!

Since the walls were done, I also finally got the chance to set up my vanity!  I found an image on Pinterest of antlers used as necklace hooks.  Not only do I have more necklaces than any one person should ever own, I'm also on an antler/deer kick. Here are a few shots of my deer-inspired accessories!

Now, time to order some more wall hangings, etc. All in all, a huge weight has been lifted!  Goodbye french farmers, hello clean crisp looking walls.

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