September 26, 2011

King of kings.

So, since moving into the new house, we've been carefully deciding how we want to "attack" (for lack of a better word) each room.  We are starting with the master bedroom - it's this huge attic space that's been redone beautifully.  Well, despite the Toile wallpaper overload, it's been done beautifully ;).

This weekend, we purchased the Asher Bed from Crate and Barrel in a KING size.  Yes, a King! From what I hear, there's no turning back....

So, now that we are going to have a new King bed and mattress, I had to go on a quest for proper bedding.  I'm such a stickler for bedding.... I think it's sometimes the hardest thing to make a decision on.  It's a rather big investment (for the good stuff), and you need to love it.  Here are a few I was looking at:

Organic Circles Duvet, West Elm
Organic Chevron Duvet, West Elm
Parachute Duvet, West Elm (with those striped sheets!)
Georgina Bedding, Anthropologie
Rivulets Bedding, Anthropologie
Batavia Dove Duvet Collection, DwellStudio

I loved a lot of the DwellStudio bedding sets, and ultimately I ended up going with a duvet of theirs that I've been in love with for, oh, about a year now.  I first saw it at my friend's shop here in Kansas City - Urban Dwellings Design.  It's pretty bold, but I think our master bedroom is big enough to carry it off.  Plus, I like bold. So, without further delay, the winner is....

Peacock Citrine Duvet Collection, DwellStudio

This patterns comes in a greyish-blue hue for those of you looking for more muted bedding, FYI.  I'll post pictures once everything is set up and the red toile wallpaper is GONE.

PS - I mean no offense to the Toile lovers out there. I love it too. There is just way too much of it in this house for any one person (especially my hubby). 

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